Materıal Tests

Bending Test

It is a test performed by applying continuous pressure or impact above a certain diameter to a bent test piece, usually at atmospheric temperature. This test is used to measure ductility, but under certain conditions it can be used to detect defects in the material.

Brinell Hardness Test

It is a test in which hardness is determined by applying a standard load on the surface of the material with a hard steel ball of a known diameter and measuring the diameter of the indentation formed.

Brinell Hardness Number = Load (kg) Spherical footprint (mm2)

Charpy Impact Test

Charpy impact test is a test in which a notched test specimen supported on both sides strikes with a hammer just behind the notched surface (the unnotched surface) and the energy required for the fracture occurring in the specimen is recorded immediately after.

Compression Test

It is a test in which the load value during longitudinal reduction and/or fracture is determined by exposing a solid test piece to axial pressure.

Impact Test

It is a test to determine the resistance against sudden applied stresses.

Izod Impact Test

It is a test in which a notched test specimen, supported by one side, strikes with a hammer at the tip of the pendulum, and then the energy required for the fracture occurring in the specimen is recorded.

Rockwell Hardness Test

A value derived from the net increase in the depth of the impression when going from a fixed minor load applied to the sample with an indenter to a large load and then back to that minor load.

Spark Test

It is a test to determine the approximate chemical composition, especially in terms of carbon content. It is determined by the image of the sparks formed by holding the rotating grinding wheel on the sample.

Tensile Test

It is a test in which both ends of a flat test piece are pulled until fracture occurs. The information that can be obtained from here includes one or more of the following: proportionality constraint, yield stress, compressive stress, ultimate tensile stress, sustain, cross-sectional area reduction.

Torsion Test

It is the test in which the test piece is bent around its axis until fracture occurs.

Transverse Bend Test

Steel blooms, forgings, sheets, etc. It is the test made by bending the parts with longitudinal casting and working direction at a right angle to the casting direction.

Ultrasonic Testing

It is a test to detect internal defects with the help of high frequency sound waves. After the sound waves are transmitted, internal defects manifest their presence by reflecting these sound waves.




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